Plastic Bag Sit-Upons

Sit-Upon-Pastic-BagQuick, easy and economical but you’ll get excellent water-resistant sit-upon for the price.

You need:

  • Large Plastic Bags
  • Newspaper or Sit-Upon Pads
  • Double Stick Tape or glue dots
  • Permanent Markers
  • Self Adhesive Foam Shapes or Stickers


You won’t believe how great these come out. We decorated with paint pens which is a bit expensive and messy but does work the best. You can also use permanent markers or paint for plastic. Stuff the tote with newspaper, sit upon pads or other kind of filler. We used two pieces of our 1″ sit-upon batting. It doesn’t fill the tote up but works quite well for the price. Apply a line of glue dots along the opening to close.