Patriotic Key Ring

keychain_rwbWear one on you key ring to show your patriotism or sell them to raise money for the Disaster Relief Fund. Make a bunch and give them to Veterans or swap with other scouts. Fun craft for camping too.

You need:

  • 4 Yards of Plastic Lace  (2 yard each of two colors)
  • Key Ring
  • 8 Pony Beads
  • Scissors


Fold lace in half to find the center of each piece. Pull the lace though the gimp starter following directions in package. If you are not using a gimp starter, tie the gimp onto a key ring. Make a box stitch.

lanyard_barBFold strand 2 diagonally across the box stitch between strands 1 & 4 leaving a small loop; (fig. B). Fold strand 4 diagonally across box stitch between strands 2 & 3 leaving a small loop. Hold strands in place with one hand.


lanyard_barcWith your other hand, weave strand 1 diagonally across the box stitch over strand 2 and under strand 4. Weave strand 3 diagonally across the box stitch over strand 4 and under strand 2; (fig. C). Pull tightly, stretching the cord slightly to secure. Make 15 stitches, lace on a bead. Make 10 stitches, lace on a bead, 10 more stitches, a bead, 10 stitches, a bead and finally 15 stitches.

String a pony bead on each end. Tie off with a double knot. Trim.

Red, Whie and Blue Pony Beads
720 Per pack

$3.99 $2.99