Junior* JOURNEY* Ideas


Girls doing one of the activities of the Agent of Change JOURNEY*.

Your JOURNEY* does not have to feel like school work!

The three original JOURNEYS* at this level– aMuse, Get Moving and Agent of Change. If you’ve attempted one of these “by the book”, you’ve most likely gotten some push-back from your girls. “It’s too much like school work.” The best thing about the JOURNEYS* is they don’t have to be done “by the book”. Each one can be tailored to fit your troop. You can work on it during meetings or you can make it a weekend or even a day-long event. The Adventure Badge in a Bag® kits from MakingFriends®.com have step-by-step instructions to do it any way you want.

Girl Power Adventure Badge in a Bag®
Complete kit makes Agent of Change JOURNEY* easy!

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Energy Adventure Badge in a Bag®
Complete kit to make GET MOVING! JOURNEY* easy!


Action Adventure Badge in a Bag®
Complete kit makes aMUSE JOURNEY* easy!

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