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Maria Writes:
I need some help! We’re a new Junior Troop wanting to do a Kaper chart but knowing that the older girls do things a bit differently. Do you have any ideas of easy charts we can make for our girls? Thanks!

Answers From Other Girl Scout Leaders Compiled from our Facebook Page

“One idea that worked well is not having assigned jobs at all. All girls have their name on a popsicle stick in the “want to” snack ziplock. Whenever something needs to be done (job, song leader, ‘it’ for a game, etc) a name is randomly pulled. If that girl is present, she does it and her stick is put into the “done it” snack size ziplock. after everyone has done something (usually 1-2 meetings/outings) they all get put back into the first bag to start over.” Deb


“We are juniors and this is our meeting kaper chart.” Fae



” We have popsicle sticks in a small jar each has a girls name on it. we put the “jobs” on a colored popsicle stick and the girls names on a plain one and pull out names with a stick when a job needs done. we also use the sticks when picking groups to work in or picking who goes first, ect.” Tammy



“This is our 5th grade Junior kaper chart which we have used from Daisy’s. Like someone else posted, the jobs don’t change just the adult help/guidance.” Missy



“We meet at the school and can’t leave a board there between meetings. After hauling a Kaper chart back and forth last year this year I printed a spreadsheet with Kasper assignments for everyone for all meetings through Christmas. They keep it in a paper protector in their gs folder they bring to each meeting. Come January I can switch out the sheet. Much easier than moving pegs and carrying a poster board around.” Tanya
“my troop is split into patrols (4 patrols of 6 girls). each month each patrol gets 4 jobs. the patrol leader (changes every month) decides who does each job after talking with the other girls… I gave up on set kaper charts awhile ago because there are way more girls than jobs and it seemed like every meeting the handful of girls with a job didn’t show up to the meeting!” Deb
“We used a cork board that had little cup hooks under each area, Attendance, Pledge, Promise, GS Law, Snack, supplies, Song Leader, Clean up, Two girls under each area sometimes three. We always had about 25 girls. Then the names were on tags that fit on the cup hooks. The board was descorated with little items like a broom over clean up, music notes over songs, etc. Used it for 6 years…..” Kathy
“Ours is a laminated 8×11 paper with the jobs in a list. Next to the job is a small piece of teethy Velcro. Each girl has a small laminated name tag with the fuzzy Velcro on the back. On the bottom is the Vacation spot or Super Girl spot. These girls assist with jobs not specifically listed or its a landing spot for absentees. Girls/leader put name next to job. It fits in our troop notebook. We’ve used this system for several years. We changed colors when the girls bridged. Now 2Nd year Cadettes.” Amy
” I did a pie plate chart with the girls names on the inside plat, and kapers on the 2nd plate behind it. Each week I turned it one position over and each of the girls knew what she was responsible for. On it I had what position a girl had for the opening flag ceremony, set up for projects, clean up timer, who brought snacks. It helped keep everyone up to date. Of course it helps to have a small troop.” Mary
“I googled kaper charts to get ideas for jobs. Then I created a word document with all of them in a list type format in large font. Then at out meeting I had the girls glue them to a half poster board. Then I took it to be laminated. At the end of each meeting, each girl writes their name on a post it note and they pick kapers and stick their note over it and that’s the job they get next week.” Caryn


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  1. Marie Miller says:

    Thank you ladies, for all of your wonderful ideas!!

  2. Etepa says:

    Can you show me a kaper chart please?

  3. jodi says:

    GO to our pinterest board we share many different kaper chart ideas.

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