Below is a collection of World Thinking Day Pictures and Ideas from troop submissions on our Facebook Page

1HUNGARY – Troop 2297

This year our Service Unit hosted a World Thinking Day and asked each troop to host a country.  My troop hosted Hungary.

They had a poster board of information, we taught the Hungarian version of Hopscotch and had a game to identify objects in the Native language.  We also made swaps that looked like the flag out of Rainbow bands.



SONY DSCService Unit in Santa Fe, New Mexico

We celebrated GIRLS world wide, for our Thinking Day Event. The girls earned both their Thinking Day official patch, and the GS Ways badge, by learning about Girl Scouting in our country, as well as other countries. The girls made food, and exchanged S.W.A.P.S. it was a fun day!

World Thinking Day 2014 in GTF MT

Some great SWAPS from

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 10.10.49 AMSpain – Troop 3171

World Thinking Day event held on 22 Feb 2014 at the Moose Lodge in Black Eagle, MT. We are Brownie Troop 3171 out of Great Falls, MT. We displayed the country of Spain and at our table we stamped passports with our Spain stamp, handed out Spain SWAPS, handed out Spain Fact Sheets and for food we gave out Churro’s at our table.

It was a wonderful event and it was my FIRST year participated in this event as a Girl Scout Leader. We already decided as a troop that we will definitely participate next year in this WTD event. Unfortunately, I forgot to get a picture of myself with my troop, but in these pictures are my AMAZING parents.




image (1)Germany – Troop 14470

Our Junior troop had Germany. The girls created a poster board with some history and facts. On our table we had a laptop with Visions of Germany playing, pictures displayed from different regions so we could explain where they came from, different little knickknacks too because it holds kids attention. My troop was the only troop dressed up. We wore dirndls I happened to have and we danced to a German fun song called Das Fliegelieg so that the other scouts could join in. We served pretzels and Leberkase, which is a pork and beef loaf that tastes like bologna and they LOVED!

Thinking day 2014Ireland – Troop 2339

We decided to do Ireland for our Thinking Day Project and it was amazing. The girls presented their projects to the Troop tonight and will have an opportunity to present them to the community on Saturday. We really enjoyed studying so many fascinating things about Ireland and our Guest Speaker was excited about the effort put forth.  Each girl was assigned a topic such as “Girl Scouting in Ireland”, “Geography”, “History”, “The Flag/Flag Meaning”, etc. and wrote a one-page report on their topic.  They also had an option to include pictures, stories, etc. on their topic.  They presented their report at our Troop meeting tonight.  We had a guest speaker from Ireland come talk to the girls about his native country and has only been in the States for about a year now.  He was impressed with the girls’ projects and was in awe at the effort they put forth to study his homeland.  The girls each made flags to display at our community event.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 10.36.40 AMEgypt

This year or girls had egypt for thinking day, now that our girls are getting a little older we had them help with more this year. They made “pet” mummies, and the girls could write their names in hieroglyphics on a traditional neck piece, and watch a video my dad had filmed in 1984 while in the Air Force.



Our troop was the UK for thinking day this year. This pic wzs taken at our display table with one of our girls stamping the passport of a traveler.

Our troop was the UK for thinking day this year. This pic wzs taken at our display table with one of our girls stamping the passport of a traveler.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 10.44.32 AM

We have a multi-level troop, Daisy, Brownie, Cadette, Senior who represented Fiji at our Thinking Day event. We baked and served a traditional Honey Cake while teaching others about Fiji.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 3.38.31 PM

troop 1988 we celebrated by having a Chinese new year theme. The girls really enjoyed this and dove right in and even tried different foods they wouldn’t normally try.



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    Our GS Troop has decided to study Russia for their International Thinking Day Project. What are some things you can share with our troop.

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