I am a registered adult member who helps orchestrate our troops Thinking Day activities. We were Denmark for our troop’s portion of the Service Unit’s Thinking Day. We dressed as Danish women, we did a Danish dance and we had Danish snacks.  We started practicing in November for this presentation. We even took 7 scout meetings to practice and plan. Two of the troop members created the poster, as it took a lot of work, but was very tedious. As a troop, we created what we wanted to say and did the research. We consist of brownies and juniors. We also have to welcome to Daisy scout members.


The research of Denmark included a day at the library. The girls and adults, looked at books, magazines and computers to research. They researched how they dressed, how they looked, what their flag was, what they ate, what they enjoys for a beverage, what shoes they wore and what they lived in. The girls also researched famous authors, artists and chefs. Our favorite person we learned about was Hans Christian Anderson, the famous author. We read many of his books to learn his style. He wrote many of the books we read still here today in America! The Ugly Duckling and the Little Mermaid, are very famous here today.


Thinking Day Denmark
The leaders of the troop researched the clothing they wore, and went to a local theatre to borrow some clothing. The leaders asked the girls to bring white long sleeved dress shirts and black flats, many actually did remember them, and the leaders provided the long shirts for most girls, some girls had their own skirts. They loved their costumes. Some girls were big fans of dressing as Danish people, but some didn’t want to change back! The scarfs on their heads and the white aprons sealed the look. They all looked adorable. Many of the troop really enjoy this. They still love to dress up and play pretend. They were adorable.


The girls learned a fun and quick dance that was a Danish classic dance that boys and girls learned back in the day at school. The amazing part of the dance was, the girls had it memorized so well. A majority of the girls loved dancing. We have several ballerinas/ gymnasts in our troop and many softball players, so their sport like nature was definitely used here. The dance went off without a hitch. The other troops didn’t do a dance, so it was obvious that we stuck out. Which was great because the girls worked so hard at doing this! The troop definitely earned their Thinking Day patches! By far, our troop put in the most time and effort into our country and activities.  The girls had such a great time showing off their skills.


All in all, the troop preformed amazingly, and all of their hardworking as evident. The girls asked to preform the dance for a local retirement home, the ladies at the retirement home loved it. They absolutely loved it. Our girls did marvelous. I’m so proud of them!




Note from Editor: You can see additional ideas for your troop if they are representing Denmark at the MakingFriends Denmark Thinking Day Pinterest page.


My name is Kell B Eatty. I’m a registered adult for our GS troop. My daughter, Kandace is 8, and we love Scouts. We have learned and grown so much in scouting! 




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