The Senior Journey Girltopia is all about girls imagining a perfect world of girls and being a visionary and a leader.  Today I want to share with you what one of my Girl Scout Senior’s did to earn the Girltopia Journey and share some great activities to do with a group of girls if you have more than one girl.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 9.32.37 PMGirltopia Journey

DSC_0097You can get the Senior Vision Journey Badge In A Bag® here. This Badge In A Bag® Journey kit is completely girl-led which is great when the girls become seniors you want them to run their own events and meetings!  The easy instructions will allow them to complete all the steps, and guide them through the planning of a Take Action project. Hands-on activities will keep their interest. No more complaining about “school work!” It will be an easy, fun and rewarding experience for everyone!

Girl Earning Girltopia Journey Using Senior Vision Journey Badge in a Bag®

Additional Activities to do with your Girls Earning the Girltopia Journey


Great game to teach girls how important it is to work together

DSC_0095This game usually takes about half an hour. You will need 4 different objects 2 of each.  (i.e.  2 binders, 2 pens, 2 pinecones, etc.). Then, where none of the participants can see, arrange the set of the objects. Maybe place the pen horizontally in the middle of the binder open to page 4 and put the pinecone centered above the binder.

Then gather the participants, and explain the game. There will be 1 builder, 1 runner, and 1 looker. The looker of each group gets to see the original model. The builder get a pile of the same objects in a space away from original display. The interaction works like this: The lookers look at the original display and go halfway to the builders’ location, where the runner will be positioned. The looker tells the runner all of the details he can remember about the model. Then, the runner goes to builder. When the runner(s) get(s) to the builder, the builders can only ask the runner yes or no questions. “Does the pen go here? Is the binder open? Is it open to this page?” When the runner can’t remember anymore details or wants to confirm a detail, he goes back to the point where he can meet the looker. He can converse freely about the details. This goes on until all of the groups feel they are done or are pretty much done. Then, everyone gets together and looks at the finished models to see if it matches.

Replication builds communication skills and is a good team building effort. It’s fun, too, to look at the different results. Then switch positions so everyone gets a chance to be in each position.


Open Your Fist

This is another corporation game. (DON’T READ THIS TO GIRLS: This game will show how you will get more done working together rather than competing with one another.)

Directions for Girls:
Break the girls into pairs and tell girls the objective is to Open partners fist as many times as possible. Each time you open the fist give yourself a score of 1. Higher your score the greater your chance of winning. Take turns back and forth trying to open your partner’s fist.

DON’T READ THIS TO GIRLS: This game will continue for 5 minutes. Then record scores only the twist comes when you let them know that it is a total score of the pair rather then split

If you had stopped to interpret the directions with a facilitative mindset rather than a competitive mindset, they would have scored as a pair rather than as individuals We are all programmed in the mindsets which forces us to behave competitively, rather than working together.

Creating What A Leader Is To You

DSC_0085This activity will help the girls to recognize the attributes of a leader. You will need one paper bag for each girl with supplies, such as: paper towel & toilet paper empty rolls, pipe cleaners, scotch tape, scissors, glue, eyes, magic markers, Popsicle sticks, colored paper, string/yarn, Q-tips, cotton, empty vegetable cans, egg carton, Styrofoam ball, etc. Not all of these are needed and you can add others. The bags must all be the same.

Directions to create a leader: They each have 12 minutes to use as many things in their bag as they wish to “build a leader.” Think of the attributes that would make your leader a person that you would want to follow. When complete give each girl 2-minutes to describe their leader (have them do it at end of meeting tell whole troop about it – and tell why you included each part that you did. (You can give more than 12 minutes for creating the leader, if your schedule allows or if they are having lots of fun with it)

Discussion after completing leaders:

1. What were some of your challenges?
2. Were you able to get all of the items/attributes into your leader that you wanted?
3. Did someone take charge in the group?
5. Did you all agree?
6. Where there some attributes that seemed more important than others?
7. Is your leader realistic?

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