daisy_lupeAs a Daisy leader it can sometimes be difficult to come up activities for each of the petals. Over the last 10 years I have had multiple Daisy groups; this week I want to share what I have done with my girls to earn the light blue petal: “Honest and Fair “.

Courageous and Strong Daisy Pedal PackA great place to start is to purchase the Petal Pack Complete from Making friends. It is a complete set of projects to earn your Daisy Petals, 11 projects in all. They are each individually packaged and ready for your daisy meetings, no leader prep is needed. Order one package for each girl.

coloring_page_daisy_honest_fairWhen the girls arrive to meeting have copies of the Honest and Fair Coloring page

At the beginning of the meeting, ask your girls when they can think of a time they had a hard time telling the truth? Allow girls to share about these times with each other. If necessary discuss further about why it was so hard and how we could be better at telling the truth in future.

Honest and Fair Petal Kit From MakingFriends.com

Girls can work in groups of 3 or 4. Collect all the beads from that group and place them in the middle of the table. Give each girl a plastic cup and pipe cleaner.

Have each group divide the beads up fairly into their cups. Girls can then string the beads on to a pipe cleaner and make a bracelet. Project will take about 20 minutes to complete and you’ll need scissors to trim the pipe cleaner when done.

Additional Games & Activities

Hershey Kiss Snack

Have a bag of Hershey Kisses and clear cups for this exercise. Give each girl a clear cup and write their names on them. Start at the first girl and give her 5 kisses. Make sure to count them out loud for each girl. Go to the next girl and only give her 2 kisses. Give the third girl 1 kiss. The fourth girl will receive 4 kisses. Continue around the table giving each girl a different amount of candy. They will start to complain and try telling you. “This isn’t fair”, “I only got 2 and she got 5”, and “She got more than me”. After the final girl gets her candy sit with them and ask how we can make it fair so each girl has the same amount of candy? Let them figure out how to divide the candy equally or simply give them the remaining chocolates so each girl has 5. This teaches the importance of being fair to everyone.

Truth/Lie Game 

Start by discussing with the girls the difference between a truth and a lie.  Then post a happy face on one wall and an unhappy face on another wall.  Game is played by the leader saying something (i.e. I’m wearing a green shirt, You all are wearing a blue vest).  The girls run to the happy face if it is the truth or to the unhappy face if it is a lie.  Once the girls understood the game, give each girl a chance to be the caller and say something that is either a truth or a lie (Have leader available to coach girls that are shy).  The girls enjoyed running back and forth, but really enjoyed being the caller.

Popcorn Game

DSC00624Using a Parachute place a lot of small plastic color balls in center of chute and the girls make them pop up and down then on the count of three the girls pop all the balls out of the chute. Then the girls had to pick them up. We told the girls this is the time you have to be honest and fair and each girl must get a fair amount of colored balls. It is a great communication game for the girls to talk about how many each girl should have at the end to make it completely fair.


End your meeting with a Song; here is a good choice to teach the girls with hand motions.

Tune: Brownie Smile Song

I’ve something in my little hand that you just cannot see…
It’s very very special and it’s now a part of me.
The Girl Scout Daisies showed me how to put it into place…
And when I clap my little hands you’ll see my HAPPY FACE!!!


First line: Cup both hands together, palms together
Second line: Bring cupped hands to chest over heart
Third line: Open hands and cover face with open hands
Fourth line: Clap on the word “clap” then make a motion outward with
palms up while making a big smile.


Girls earn the light blue petal for being honest and fair to fellow girl scouts, friends, and family.

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