Daisy Girl Scout Bridging IdeasHelp 1st year leader here! We are bridging from daisies to brownies soon and need some Daisy Girl Scout bridging ideas.  Having them walk and announcing their names doesn’t seem to be a ceremony. The twist me turn me little skit says its best for rededication. What do most troops do as a bridging ceremony? Suggestions??

Our Facebook leaders have a bunch of Daisy Girl Scout bridging ideas.

Lisa writes: Here is an idea for Daisy Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony, we did a “how to make a batch of brownies” thing with each girl saying an ingredient (1 cup of honesty and fairness, a pinch of responsibility for what I say and do, etc.) as they crossed over the bridge

Dorothy suggestion: We also did bake our Daisies! We have a box that was decorated to look like an oven and the girls go in with their Daisy tunic and inside change to their brownie vest and come out the oven door as a brownie.

Teresa’s daisy Girl Scout bridging ideas: We have our bridging ceremonies at the local park with a bridge over a stream. We gave each daisy a daisy. We had them make a wish for their brownie years, kiss the daisy, and throw it into the stream to float away. Made parents cry. We loved it.

Krystal’s ideas: The bridging ceremony is a great time to reward the girls! You can give them special bridging fun patches or even any fun patches from events you might have been to throughout the year. A goodie bag of patches that will have your girls talking about the experiences they had as daisies.

Tabatha’s advice: We are currently bridging from Daisies to brownies and will include a flag ceremony, candle ceremony, bridging – crossing a bridge at our local girl scout camp, balloon release, and a garden party as a conclusion for the journey they just completed. I always make it a huge deal as it is a giant step to the next level. I am also a leader of a Senior/Ambassador Troop so I’ve done this a few times before.

Brownie Troop 1052 ceremony idea: We created a little skit that I made up that included the girls reciting the “twist me turn me”. I told a brief story that basically went like this: We started Kindergarten and decided we wanted to be Girl Scouts (The girls sang “I’m a Daisy Girl Scout“). We quickly learned the Girl Scout Promise (the girls then recited the Girl Scout Promise). We worked hard and learned all about the Girl Scout Law (the girls recited the Girl Scout Law song). Now we are ready for the next level of our journey (the girls spun around and said “Twist me, turn me, show me the elf”. Then they squatted down and said “I looked in the water and saw”, grabbed their Brownie vests with the bridging badges already attached, hopped up, and shouted “MYSELF”)

Kristy’s help: We are bridging and switching vests over a real bridge. We are doing a girl scout sand ceremony with sixlets candy, a version I changed up myself. We are singing good bye daisies for the last time and the brownie song for the first. We will be doing flags etc. We are finishing with a take on a tea party for moms and daughters. During the tea party I am handing out awards and patches and celebrating perfect attendance. We are also having our news girls dedicated at this ceremony so it is bridging and dedication all in one. We have many siblings of cub scouts so they have been to many bridging ceremonies and want a girlie version. Have fun no matter what and make it match your troop personality.

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