Courageous and Strong Daisy Pedal PackI have received many requests from new Daisy leaders wanting additional assistance with the petals Daisy Girl Scouts can earn. This weeks post is about the red petal: “Courageous and Strong

Courageous and Strong Daisy Pedal PackA great place to start is to purchase the Petal Pack Complete from Making friends. It is a complete set of projects to earn your Daisy Petals, 11 projects in all. They are each individually packaged and ready for your daisy meetings, no leader prep is needed. Order one package for each girl.

Courageous and Strong Daisy Pedal Pack


When the girls arrive to meeting have copies of the Courageous and Strong Coloring page.

At the beginning of the meeting, ask your girls what it means to be “courageous”. Do they know what courage means? It means to try something overcome your fear. Ask the girls about a time when they tried something new or that they were afraid of, like riding a two-wheeler, learning to swim, going to a new school or even trying a new type of food!

Courageous and Strong Petal Kit From

Courageous and Strong Daisy Pedal PackKit includes eight preprinted pieces. They have quotes such as “I’m brave at the doctor”, “I can run fast”, “I try new foods”, etc. Girls choose four of the quotes and staple them together to make a crown. Place a sticker over each staple. Besides the kit, girls will need a stapler. Project will take about 15 minutes to complete.

Additional Games & Activities

How courageous are you?

Prep before meeting: To prepare for the meeting, you will need a storage container (margarine tub will do) for each girl and a brown lunch bag to put each one in. Before the meeting, fill one storage container for each girl with the same food: wet spaghetti, jello, pudding, yogurt, whipped cream or anything you can think of that would feel slimy. Place these containers in brown bags and do not let the girls see what is inside! 

Have them put their hand in the container-if they are courageous enough!

Discuss how they felt before and after the activity, especially when they found out it was only cold spaghetti! Reveal to them what they touched at the end.

Is it Raw or Boiled?

Courageous and Strong Daisy Pedal PackTake 12 eggs; boil six and leave six of them raw. Mix them up in the container and place a number on each egg. Give each girl a chance to write down which ones they think are raw and which they think are boiled. Once everyone has recorded their answers, go through each egg and girls who think it is boiled have them come up and break the egg over their hand. If they were wrong they are going to get egg yolk on their hands, but its all about being courageous enough to take the chance.

Overcoming Fear

Play a blindfold game with the girls. Place a blindfold on each girl and allow the rest of the troop to give her directions and help lead her to the other side of the room. The girls are being courageous by overcoming a fear and helping others do something hard.

End your meeting with a Song; here is a good choice to teach the girls with hand motions.

tune of I’m a Little Teapot

I’m a little Daisy (hands together, at side of face, head tilted)
Dressed in blue (hands pick up hem of uniform smock)
I am a Girl Scout (make 3 fingered sign)
You are too (point to neighbor)
When I go to meetings (hands out, palms up)
I sing and shout (hands cup around mouth)
I love being a Daisy Girl Scout (point to heart)

Girls earn the red petal for overcoming their fears and being courageous and strong.

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