Halloween is right around the corner. There are plenty of themes to choose from for your GS troop’s Halloween party. The theme that’s brought us the most luck for us is a Western Theme.

Western Party Made Easy

One of our troop leaders and her daughter are avid horse enthusiasts. They own a fair amount of western attire and decorations. With a few simple additions, we transformed our meeting space from a church basement into the Wild West – complete with everything from a campfire to a chuck wagon!

When girls arrived to the meeting we gave them a coloring page to work on while we waited for everyone to get there.

Western Party Made EasyAt the beginning of the troop meeting we took pictures of each girl and turned them into outlaws!

Each photograph was taken in a sepia tone, printed out, and turned into WANTED posters. It’s a great, simple way for the girls to make something to take home.

Once your outlaws have completed your crafts, and maybe sang a few songs around the fire, it’s a great time to start some games.


Rattlesnake Stomp
Western Party Made EasyBlow up 10-15 balloons of two different colors and scatter on floor.

Get creative! Make up a daring tale while you’re at it: maybe one of the leaders are injured and needs the girls’ help! But first, they need to get through the rattlesnake pit to get to her!

Separate the girls into two teams (one for each balloon color). On your whistle, the girls stomp as many “snakes” as they can during the time limit. The team with the most stomped balloons csa

Find a spacious, flat spot outside. Divide the girls into two teams. The goal of the game is to toss the boots into the hula-hoop. Place a hula-hoop at the end of the course, and each boot into the goal is a point. The team with the most points wins!

Cattle Wrangler

For this game, you’ll need two different kinds of balloons—black and white work best to represent cows.
Construct two “corrals” on either side of the room (similar to soccer goals). Place four orange cones between the corrals. Give each team a stick to “herd” the cattle around the cones. Each girl will take their turn to herd the cattle to the corral. The first team to corral their herd wins!

Rattlesnake Ruckus

Have the girls form a circle. Get a fake rubber snake, and play western music as you pass the rattlesnake around.
When the music stops, whoever is holding the snake is out! The last girl standing wins.

Western Party Made Easy

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