A photo scavenger hunt is an event that can be used for your Girl Scout troop, service unit, or even at a higher level, a council event.

There are so many variations to this type of event, for example my Girl Scout troop a few years ago had a DuckGirl Scout Scavenger Hunt Photo Scavenger hunt similar to the list below, except we took little plastic rubber ducks and hid around the neighborhood.  The story line that we shared with the girls at the beginning was that the ducks got lost and now they had to find each of them and take a creative photo with them. We numbered each envelope in order so each group started in different direction if they were unable to figure out the location they called and we gave them another clue.   We only had one mishap of duck thievery, we placed one ducks in a school area and someone other than our group took it, so when the group arrived no duck were found so if you plan to do something similar make sure to have extra items available for the girls at the end of event in case something like this happens.

friends-girl-scoutsAnother great idea, similar to the ducks is to use paper Girl Scout Friends. You can get them at makingfriends no matter what level scouts you have make a paper doll Girl Scout, tell the girls they are going on a adventure with their new friends, and have to take creative photos with them. Be creative and come up with a great story to go along with your event.

This year we are planning another scavenger hunt event, this time we our having it with all the local Girl Scout troops (Service Unit). Below are the rules we use and a great list to work off of, feel free to use this one or customize it to fit your needs.
Rules are:

  1. Never do anything dangerous, illegal or damage property!
  2. You are not required to do them all, just the ones you want
  3. Entire team must be in picture (exception one taking picture…rotate)
  4. Form teams  (5 in a team recommended)
  5. Groups decide where to develop (disperse groups to different locations)
  6. Scavenger Hunt begins 9:30 A.M.
  7. $1.00 per participate  (purchase awards and badges)
  8. Photo permission Slips
  9. Stop taking photos by 12:15 P.M. or before giving time to develop and return back to park by 1:30 P.M.  Lose points if late returning
  10. Choose as many pictures that will fit onto board and number which correlate with list.
  11. Awards 3 P.M.
  12. Rain or Shine Event:  come prepared…rain coat, sun screen etc….MOTTO: Be Prepared
  13. Your goal is to HAVE FUN!!! So Smile and say cheese…
  14. Each picture has a surprise point value (determined by random drawing)
  15. Team with most points WIN!

Supplies each team will need: Camera, Large poster board, Tape to secure photos, Marker, Money to develop photos.

Girl Scout Photo Scavenger
Hunt List

Since we have a mixed age group, we are able to split the girls up with a driver in each group. Our scavenger hunts are full day events around the whole town. If you just have just younger girls, tailor your list so the girls can work as a team within a specific area they can safetly navigate on foot.

  1. One picture for each letter in  words SCAVENGER HUNT
  2. Colors of the rainbow looking for 7 colors
  3. Do exactly what the sign says, (any sign can work)
  4. “I can’t believe we all fit in here”…. whole team must be in the photo
  5. Picture with someone in uniform
  6. Capture your reflection
  7. girl scout scavenger huntSpell something with people on the ground…hello, SOS, etc.
  8. Team drinking out of same drink (separate straws)
  9. Team hugging a big tree
  10. Team under a bed
  11. Team doing “YMCA” in front of a YMCA
  12. Team in 1 bathroom stall, cannot be handicap stall
  13. Team crossing driveway duckling style
  14. Team balanced on playground seesaw
  15. Team picture at a covered bridge
  16. Team in a mirror picture
  17. Picture in front of a church
  18. Team by height
  19. Team with hands make a heart shape
  20. Team with a woman (stranger that was a scout in her youth)
  21. Team blowing bubbles
  22. Team standing on one leg
  23. Team each holding a watermelon
  24. Team writing troop name in sand
  25. All group members making a funny face
  26. Team crying in front of a empty store that went out of business
  27. Team all on a slide
  28. Group all smelling a flower
  29. Team with American Flag in it
  30. Team throwing kisses
  31. Entire team photo (be creative) your choice
  32. Your group with someone 85 or older who is holding their ID with birth date
  33. Team playing with kittens, cats, or puppies
  34. Fit your entire group under a picnic table
  35. Snow ball fight…. using paper for snowballs or cotton balls example
  36. Team picture with a bride n groom…please do not crash a wedding
  37. Team in the back of a truck
  38. Team all hanging upside down
  39. Team picture representing G.S. 100th birthday

BONUS:   Team doing a service project

The Selfie Fun patch is a great reminder of all the fun your girls had on their photo scavenger hunt.

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One response to “Have Fun with a Girl Scout Photo Scavenger Hunt”

  1. Amber Edwards says:

    This is an awesome idea and hope to get our girls involved with the community more and think this would be a great way for them to be seen out and about having fun!! A great way to get more girls involved!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!

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