Fairy princesses or Tinkerbell;  a great Girl Scout party for your younger girls.

We did this with our Daisy and Brownie Girl Scout troop over the weekend and they had a blast. It ended up raining so we had to turn the cabin into a garden where the girls had to find all the clues.

Girl Scout fairiesMayor of Tinkerville (Girl Scout Leader) started the event by telling all the little fairies some horrible news. Sparkles – the town fairy dust maker – created the annual batch of fairy dust and put it in the Tinkerville courtyard to dry. Within an hour, she noticed it was missing! It would take Sparkles another year to make another batch of fairy dust and the town of Tinkerville will lose all of its magic in the meantime and no one would be able to fly!  We need to think of a way to find the missing magic fairy dust and fast!

A Garden Nome (Girl Scout Leader) knew where it was, but before she would tell us, she wanted to have some fun with everyone because being a garden gnome is boring and if we played her games and challenges and solved her scavenger hunt then she would tell us where the fairy dust was located.

Gnome Challenge:

You must complete a series of tasks and challenges. To succeed, you must not only do the tasks, but also do them properly.

The Gnome believed that you must not rush, she would only provide the information if the whole group worked together.

All of the tasks in this quest had to be done with care. When they found a clue, the clue had to be read aloud with all of the team present.

Does everyone understand the directions?  – Then go to the garden and collect the first clue

Girl Scout Hiking Badge in a Bag

PUT IN THE FLOWER GARDEN (We made our garden inside – if its nice you could make it outside.)

Before we start our quest to locate the Fairy dust – You need to have the right equipment for the challenge – Visor and a bag to carry supplies. (We used the supplies found in the Brownie Hiking Badge In A Bag® from MakingFriends.com.) When you are done decorating your supplies speak to the Gnome for next clue. 



Your task is to find the magical Gnome items on this list. You must each find these things OUTSIDE and put them all in your bag. You may add other small but interesting nature items that you find. If you find all the ones on your list you may help others find what they need (Hand out a copy of the list on the bag to all of the girls.) When you find all of the items, return to me in the cabin.

2 y-shaped twigs
1 straight twig
1 piece of moss
2 pieces of bark
5 pine needles or pine cones
something curly
something empty
something flat
something soft
something smooth
1 leaf

Find the next clue under a mushroom

Excellent! Now, use the things you have found to build three houses (split up into three groups) build house for the fairies, on the table. Take care to build them well we want the other fairies to want to come live in these dwellings. If you need more materials, you may add them. 

When you believe your complete let the Gnome know, she will decide if the fairy houses are suitable


If fairy house is all right then give them a spoonful of fairy rocks (pop rocks). Say: “If your fairy house is suitable, the fairy rocks will sparkle in your mouth. Do they? “

Girl Scout Fairy Game


Tinkerbell is so happy with the new homes –
A Gift from Tinkerbell
Tinkerbell has a gift for all the guests! Take a small gift put it in a box and wrap the box with many layers of different colored paper (at least a layer for each guest). Between each layer of paper, add a note from Tinkerbell that tells the girls what they all must do in order to be allowed to unwrap the next layer (twirl around 5 times, do 3 leaps, jump and yell “I believe in fairies!”, etc.). In the box, place a present for all of the guests (We used Fairy Bubbles).


Before going any further I need a fairy treat and so do you. Fairy Munch Mix is something every fairy enjoys. I am also including a recipe card – with the directions on how to make it so you can take home with you and make sometime on your own. (Give each girl a baggy and recipe card to put in her backpack.)

Fairy Munch Mix

½ cup Gummy Bears
½ cup Teddy Grahams
½ cup Pretzels
½ cup Marshmallows
½ cup rainbow goldfish

Mix together and place in snack Baggies for each girl

Now that we are all refreshed – Gnome gives the fairies the clue to a treasure box location – contains vital information to help find the Fairy dust.

Follow the Trail signs out the side door of the cabin to the Treasure Chest.

In treasure box there are butterflies (We used butterfly confetti) and a note:
Each person must carry a pink, blue, yellow, and green small butterfly back to the fairy houses. They must be used to decorate the fairy houses. When complete, ask the Gnome for the next step. 

Just as the butterfly’s protect the fairy houses – so should your house be protected by butterfly’s – take these butterfly wind chimes and make them unique and beautiful to place outside your home.  (Girls painted butterfly wind chimes)

Say Oh no! The tooth fairy was bringing her coins to help with the fairy house, but she crashed and scattered fairy coins all over Tinkerville, which look a lot, like pennies. Each person must bring five fairy coins to the fairy house, and show the Gnome that everyone fond the same amount. (Girls can put what they found into their backpacks)

Girl Scout balloon gameMAYOR OF TINKERVILLE:
Here in Tinkerville we have a over grown population of Toadstools – I would love your help to elimate some of them – They are not like ordinary toadstools some of them contain great treasures so make sure when you stomp them you collect the treasures inside. (Stomp white balloons that have red spots on them- use marker put candy and other treats in them)

Next clue can be found under a rock near the garden
Now there is one last step to completing your houses: fairy dust, but it is missing, so you will need to make your own special fairy dust. Use these empty pumpkin containers and create your own unique bottle of fairy dust.

Now that the fairy houses are complete, lets put the houses outside so the new fairies can come to their new home. We need to help invite the new fairies to their homes by singing a song. Use the song sheet in the Hiking for Brownies Badge in a Bag and hike to the bathroom and when you get back we will check and see if the Fairies came to the house.

After the tune and dance, say: “Now, it is time to check to see if the fairies have come to the house. Go outside and check. We will know if they have come because the Gnome would have left a message there about where the treasure is. “

You will find the missing Fairy Dust under Mayer Tinkerville’s blankets


All of the clues are adjustable to work in any type of meeting space. The most important part is to make sure the girls are having fun and make believe that Tinkerville is real and your sure to have a great time.

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