Trip Ideas for Use Resources Wisely Petal

Earn the Use Resources Wisely petal with Superhero Prudence

Troop leader Wendy asks: Hello, I’m a Daisy leader in Northern California looking for an service or field trip for “use resources wisely”. Thanks!!

Facebook Leaders gave their their ideas and many of these service and trip ideas for Use Resources Wisely Petal apply to any area:

Jennifer answered: Where in Northern California? Our recycling center in Petaluma does field trips and so does the water waste plant which would both fit nicely.

Angela’s idea: Our Daisy troop in MI went to a local nature center, who planned the badge for us! The girls made binoculars using toilet paper and paper towel rolls. They also talked about recyclables and the girls participated in a sorting relay. We finished with a nature walk and picked up trash along the way.

Suzanne suggests: The Dump. Sound boring but really interesting here in Stafford, Virginia.

Liberty suggested: We are thinking about making animal toys out of old clothing.

Arus shared: Field Trip allows you to enter your zip code and they will find a Ralph’s or Kroger, where you can tour their facility and learn about how they use their resources wisely.

Tracy had an idea: Tour your local recycle center. They will probably offer a guided tour.

Elizabeth’s idea: Not sure where in Northern Ca you are but there are some great National Parks you can visit along the lines of protecting nature. Or you can use the Oroville Dam fiasco as a lesson on water resources. You could find art gallery or exhibit using recycled materials.

Ruth had a suggestion: We have a community recycling center, so we usually partner with them for a potential field trip or just to go around collecting cans and cardboard to take to recycle. If you fill up your empty cookie boxes with crushed cans you can kind of double up by recycling the cans and then turning in the boxes too!

Trip Ideas for Use Resources Wisely Petal


Ruth had an additional suggestion: Another idea my previous Service Unit did was a “Recycled Runway” for Earth Day. The girls would create and then model on a “runway” dresses, purses, hats and other items from recycled materials. My daughter made a whole dress out of bubble wrap, you can google and there are about a million ideas.

Sarah’s troop: We toured a recycle plant and made a craft with homemade items that typically you would throw in the trash.


Trip Ideas for Use Resources Wisely Petal


You can find additional ideas on our page Earning the Use Resources Wisely Petal.

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