DSC_0122When your girls become Cadette Girl Scouts the badges become more difficult and harder to plan for your girls. This past weekend my Girls earned the Cadette First Aid Badge. I purchased the Badge in a Bag® from makingfriends. It had everything I needed to complete the badge. In today’s post I want to share how to make the Boo Boo Bunny that is in the kit as well as the steps to make a Duct Tape First Aid bag. I also added a game to help teach the girls how to wrap the elastic bandages.

How to Make A Boo Boo Bunny

boobooThe girls really enjoyed this craft. To fold the wash cloth into the shape of the bunny it is only 4 simple steps.

1. Roll the wash cloth starting in corner.

2. Once rolled fold in half

3. Take folded washcloth and fold again

4. Take a rubber band or just simply use the pipe cleaner in kit to wrap the head portion of the bunny

5. Now glue on eyes, nose and tail and your Boo Boo bunny is complete.

We actually had extra supplies lying around and the girls added a bonnet to the bunny and a few of the girls choose to use white pipe cleaners instead of the color pipe cleaners.

How to Make a First Aid Bag out of Duct Tape

ducttapeThese directions are a little different than the directions found in the kit. The nice thing with duct tape is there is no wrong way to make a bag. A few of the girls followed the kit directions, but there were a few rebels in my group that wanted to try something different. Since they know I share what they do online, one girl asked to photograph the steps. It is amazing how quickly these girls grow up.


I created a sheet of duct tape, by over lapping 6 pieces of duct tape next to each other, with sticky side up. I made the length as 17 inches


Laid another 6 pieces of duct tape on top of the sticky side to create the sheet of duct tape. This part can be tricky because once you lay the tape on top of the sticky piece it is very hard to get that tape back up. This is sometimes done best if girls pair up and help each other.


 Now take a ruler and measure out the pieces so one is 14 inches and the other piece is 3 inches.


Take the larger piece and fold in half


Tape each side of the larger piece with duct tape with another piece of tape and fold excess into the inside.

Take the corners of the bag you have created and push the tips inward giving the bottom portion of the bag shape.


Take the smaller piece and use scissors and round the corners.


Lastly take the smaller piece and tape to the larger bottom to create the lid of the First Aid Bag.

Add the Cross on front of bag, if your kit came with white tape the smaller cross will be red, if kit came with Red Duct tape the smaller cross will be white.

Now your girls can add all their first aid supplies into the first aid kit. I actually had a few girls even create handles to their first aid bag. The things you can do with duct tape are endless.

Relay Game to Reinforce the Use of Elastic Bandages

Elastic Bandage Relay:
Have the girls line up in relay type formation. Have one girl on each team go to other end and act as the victim. Leader calls out a body part, the first girl in line must run down to girl “victim” and bandage that part of the body. When complete she takes the place as the victim and the next girl in line comes to rescue her. Once every girl has gone through and has been victim and rescuer, choose a different body part and do it again. We did this three times, once for arm, leg, and I even said head injury as last option, girls had fun while also learning about first aid.


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