Pirate Paper Doll Friends

Yo ho ho! Your friends can now be ready to sail the seven seas!

You Need:



Choose your paper doll pieces below. Cut them out. Color if necessary. Glue on clothes and hair. Choose a project and make it a craft!

Print Bodies and Hair:

paper-doll-friends-light-skin    paper-doll-friends-tan-skin    paper-doll-friends-dark-skin    paper-doll-friends-asian

paper-doll-hair-color    paper-doll-hair-color-1    paper-doll-hair1    paper-doll-hair

light-paper-doll-friends-wheelchair    dark-paper-doll-friends-wheelchair    cat-dog-paper-doll-friends-wheelchair    bunny-paper-doll-friends-wheelchair

paper-doll-friends-to-color    paper-doll-friends-in-wheelchairs-to-color    paper-doll-cat-dog-to-color    paper-doll-bunny-to-color