Make Yourself a Paper Doll Friend

Make Yourself into a Friend
Be an astronaut, march in a parade, dress up for a party…

For Ages 5 to 8.

You need:
One Friend
–Photo or Scan of Yourself
(for Astronaut Friend shown):
–2 Craft Sticks
–Heavy Cardboard
Flour/Salt Dough

Make a Friend but
paste your picture over the Friend’s head.

Optional Instructions:
(for Astronaut Friend shown):

Make yourself as an Astronaut Friend. Cut away the base section around the feet.

Choose flags. Glue the smaller one onto the space suit. Fold the larger flag around one end of the craft stick and glue into place.

Glue the other craft stick to the back of the Friend with 1″ showing beneath the feet. Glue the “flag pole” to his hand lining up the bottom with the stick glued to the friend.

Make a mound (at least 1″ thick) for the moon on your cardboard with Flour/Salt Dough. Press different sizes of round things (try pencil eraser and film canister) into the mound to form the craters. Stick the Astronaut Friend and the flag into the mound. Air dry (may take 2 or 3 days.)