Easy Fleece Hat for your 18″ Doll



Make an easy fleece hat for your doll and make one for yourself!

You need:

  • 11″ x 11″ Piece of Fleece
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine


hat_diagramCut fleece to 11″ x 10″ so it stretches the long way. Save the 1″ scrap.

Fold in half with right sides together. Stitch along the short ends to make a tube that will fit over your doll’s head. Leave the last 2″ unstitched. This will become part of your fringe. Cut 2″ slits every 1/2″ along this end. Turn right-side out.

Gather fringes and tie tightly with scrap piece. Roll bottom up twice to make band.