Animal Habitats | Fact Sheets and Word Search Puzzles

Working on your Junior Animal Habitat Badge in a Bag®? All research can be done during the meeting. Print out these fact sheets and the girls will keep busy and be ready to complete their badge. Word searches are incorporated for extra fun. We have printables for the Toucan, Bengal Tiger, American Manatee, Red-Eyed Tree frog, Orangutan, Lowland Tapir, Tarsier, White Bat, Three-Toed Sloth, Chameleon and the Amazon Pink Dolphin.

rainforest-animal-habitat-toucan-thumb rainforest-animal-habitat-tiger-thumb Red Eyed Tree Frog

rainforest-animal-habitat-mantee-thumb rainforest-animal-habitat-orangutan1-thumb rainforest-animal-habitat-tarsier-thumb

rainforest-animal-habitat-tapir-thumb rainforest-animal-habitat-bat-thumb rainforest-animal-habitat-chameleon-thumb