Winter Bingo

winter_bingo7Having a Winter celebration with your girls? Play Winter bingo for some extra fun. Print our game our bingo cards and use your own markers.

You need:

  • White Card Stock
  • Scissors
  • Buttons or Pennies for Markers
  • Printable Bingo Cards (see below)
  • Printable Calling Cards (see below)


Print Calling Cards on white cards stock. Cut out on lines. Print bingo cards. Cut around heavy line on each card.

To play, caller puts all calling cards upside in front of him. Each player has one card and 15 markers. Call turns over a card and call out the picture. Any player with that image, lays a marker on top. Play continues until the some gets four in row in any direction including diagonally and shouts out BINGO!


winter_bingo1 winter_bingo2 winter_bingo3 winter_bingo4

winter_bingo5 winter_bingo6 winter_bingo7 winter_bingo8

winter_bingo9 winter_bingo10 winter_bingo11 winter_bingo12