Silver & Gold Pony Bead Pins for Swapping

swap_silver&gold_beadsHere’s a terrific scout craft! Make silver and gold daisies pins in honor of Juliet (Daisy) Low.

You need:


1. String 6 gold pony beads (shown as yellow) and slide to center of 18″ piece of monofilament. daisybracelet1.gif (1312 bytes)
2. Loop cord around and feed through bead 1 again. Tighten. daisybracelet2.gif (1298 bytes)
3. String 1 black pony bead (shown as orange) and position it in the center of the flower. Feed cord back through bead 4 as shown. Tighten. Tie ends together. daisybracelet.gif (1379 bytes)
4. String 6 silver pony beads on one end of monofilament. Push close to gold beads. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with the silver beads.
5. Glue to pin back.


6. Write your Swapping information on a SWAP* tag and slide on to pin.