Paper Star Pins for Swapping

paper_starAdapted from Joy Williams’ beautiful book  Paper Creations, these paper stars make beautiful pins for swapping at any occasion.

You need:


Cut paper into 1″ or smaller squares. For each star you will need eight squares. Lay a square on the table with the corner at the bottom and the fold going up the middle. Fold the left corner and then the right corner until they meet in the center. Crease the folds. Repeat for all eight squares.
Note: points shown are much bigger then the ones you will be using for SWAPs.
Lay one point sideways. Take another point and line up the bottom left edge with the other point’s center fold. Use a glue stick to glue the point in place.
Glue the other points the same way. When you get to the last point, tuck it underneath the first point before you glue it. Hot glue a jewelry craft pin to the back or push a safety pin through one of the points, add your name and you are ready to swap!