Mini Envelope Pins for Swapping

swap_envelopeSwap dozens of clever pins for just a few cents. Put information about your troop inside the mini envelope.

You need:

  • Safety Pins, Size 2
  • Origami Pattern
  • Any type of paper. Try wrapping paper scraps, wall paper
    samples, scrapbook paper, computer paper, construction paper.
  • Computer and Printer
  • Scissors


swap_env_diagrams.gif (23957 bytes)

Cut paper to 8-1/2″ x 11″ to fit in your computer printer. Print Origami Pattern on the back of your paper. Cut out squares on the solid line.

Lay the square on a diagonal. Fold both sides in to the middle point of the red cross. See figure 1.

Fold the bottom point up to the dotted line as shown in figure 2.

Fold in both side on the diagonal dotted lines. Crease well. See fig. 3.

Open back up the diagonal folds and the bottom fold (figure 4.)

Using existing creases as a guide, fold in both bottom sides on the
diagonal then fold up the bottom point to the dotted line, tucking in the triangular flaps under the bottom point. See figure 6.

Tuck the bottom point inside the envelope as shown in figure 7.

Fold the top flap down on the dotted line. See figure 8.

On your computer, make small notes to put inside with information about you or your troop. Put a pin through one corner.