Superhero Paper Dolls



Have fun with superhero paper dolls while learning the Girl Scout Law and working on the Daisy petals.

You Need:


Choose your paper doll pieces below. Cut them out. Color if necessary. Glue on clothes and hair.

Superhero Bodies and Hair:


Superhero Scout Uniforms:


Superheroes with Costumes and Clothes: 

Sincerity: Honest and Fair  

 superhero-sincerity-costume superhero-sincerity-costume-outline superhero-sincerity-clothes superhero-sincerity-clothes-outlines


Harmony: Friendly and Helpful



Charity: Considerate and Caring



Freedom: Courageous and Strong

 superhero-freedom-costume superhero-freedom-costume-outline superhero-freedom-clothes superhero-freedom-clothes-outline


Twilight: Responsible for What I Say and Do

  superhero-twilightcostume-outlines  superhero-twilightclothes-outline


Delilah: Respect Myself and Others 

 superhero-delilah-costume superhero-delilah-wings-color superhero-delilah-costume-outline superhero-delilah-wings

superhero-delilah-clothes superhero-delilah-clothes-outline


Justice: Respect Authority



Prudence: Use Resources Wisely



Serafina: Make the World a Better Place

 superhero-serafina-costume superhero-serafina-costume-outline superhero-serafina-clothes superhero-serafina-clothes-outline


Willow: Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout  

  superhero-willow-costume-outline  superhero-willow-clothes-outline