S’More Patch Program®

MakingFriend Patch Program®This 2″ iron-on embroidered patch is part of our patch program®. Enjoy a classic campfire snack and earn a patch.

Suggestions for how Daisy* and Brownie* Girls can earn the S’more Patch:

Make your own s’more.
Toast a marshmallow over a campfire and sandwich it between two graham crackers with a piece of chocolate.

Suggestions for how Junior* and Cadette* Girls can earn the S’more Patch:

Enjoy your s’mores with a group.
Plan a campfire and s’mores night. Invite others to join in on the fun. Could be family members, friends or another troop.

Suggestions for how Senior* and Ambassador* Girls can earn the S’more Patch:

Focus on health.
Think of ways to make a s’more healthier such as adding fruit or making the portions smaller. Follow up with an active game. Share your ideas with others.



Troop 1250 earned a s’more patch at our annual council-run camp.