Money Wise Patch Program®

MakingFriend Patch Program®Money Wise Girl Scout PatchThis 2″ iron-on embroidered patch is part of our patch program®®.

Suggestions for how Scouts of all levels can earn the Money Wise Patch:

Learn basic money smarts.

  • Show girls how many quarters, dime, nickels and pennies make $1.
  • Teach them how to make change and count back to customer for cookie purchases.
  • Show them how to make a plan for troop funds:
  • Use some for business (badges, patches, registration, uniform, troop supplies)
  • Use some for fun (trip or party)
  • Use some for service (supplies for project or purchase items to donate)

Suggestions for how Junior* and Cadette* Girls can earn the Money Wise Patch:
Learn simple budgeting.

  • Teach the girls how to set aside troop funds for short and long term goals.
  • Use some for immediate fun (trip, party or local event)
  • Save some for a big trip. Plan to include expenses for required chaperones.
  • Ask the girls to set goals for savings.

Suggestions for how Senior* and Ambassador* Girls can earn the Money Wise Patch:
Learn money life skills.

  • Learn how to open a bank account and write a check.
  • Learn how to keep a ledger for checking and savings accounts. It is important to keep accurate records to make sure you have enough in account to cover checks and debits.
  • Learn the difference between a debit and credit card and how each works. Teach strategies for keeping PIN #’s safe.
  • Discuss which things are worth going into debt for (college, home, car). Discuss alternatives to minimize debt.
  • Discuss which things should be seriously considered before charging (clothing, entertainment).
  • Teach them about loans: principal and interest.
  • Learn how to minimize debt by making payments toward the principal balance to reduce the amount of a loan.
  • Making minimum credit card payments will keep you in debt much longer and interest continues to be added.


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