Memorial Day 2020 Patch Program®


MakingFriends Patch Program®Girl Scout Memorial Day 2020 PatchThis 2″ iron-on embroidered patch is part of our patch program®.


Memorial Day is a day to honor those who died while serving our country in the military. Explain that Veteran’s Day is the day to honor everyone that served.

Suggestions for scouts to earn the Memorial Day 2020 patch independently:

Encourage your scouts to ask about their own family history and learn about anyone who served in the military and those who died while serving.

Ask your scouts to honor those who died while serving in the military this Memorial Day. If family photos are available, scouts can create a Patriotic Photo Frame. Another idea is to create a Patriotic Lantern to represent each family member they wish to honor.

Not everyone will have someone in their own family to remember on Memorial Day. We all can honor everyone who died while serving our country with patriotic activities.

  • Younger scouts will enjoy creating parade and patriotic paper dolls.
  • Older scouts can decorate their home with patriotic bunting.
  • Scouts of any age can lead their own family in the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence.

Suggestions for hosting a virtual Memorial Day ceremony:

Offer to lead a simple memorial ceremony virtually for your troop or service unit. Ask scouts to send you names, and if possible pictures, of those they wish to have remembered in your virtual ceremony. A ceremony doesn’t have to be long or elaborate.

Here are some ideas to make a successful virtual Memorial Day ceremony:

  • Open your ceremony with the Pledge of Allegiance and the promise. You’ll want to have a flag or a picture of one for this part.
  • Read the names of those who are being honored and show pictures if available.
    • Light a candle for each person.
  • Remind everyone that you are also honoring all those who died while serving our country in the military.
    • Light a candle to represent all of those in the military who died in service to our country.
  • Ask for a moment of silence.
  • Close with a patriotic song.