I’m a Healthy Eater Patch Program®

MakingFriends Patch Program®Girl Scout Healthy Eater Fun PatchThis 2″ iron-on embroidered patch is part of our patch program®®.

Eating healthy can be delicious! Try some of these ideas:





Suggestions for how Daisy* and Brownie* Girls can earn the Healthy Eater Patch:
Have a healthier snacks at your meetings.

  • Commit to healthier snacks at your meetings. Try experimenting with unsalted, unbuttered popcorn and  adding your own toppings: popcorn toppings
  • Bring home some leftovers that you think your family would like to try. Ask if you can keep the ingredients at home for after-school snacks.

Suggestions for how Junior* and Cadette* Girls can earn the Healthy Eater Patch:
Cook with your troop.
Plan, budget and cook a healthy meal with your troop. Share a favorite family recipe and consider making all the recipes in a book to bring home and try with your family.

Suggestions for how Senior* and Ambassador* Girls can earn the Healthy Eater Patch:
Educate others about healthy eating.
Host an event about eating healthy or a meal that was made using healthy alternatives to traditional favorites. Make sure to check with your council regarding food safety guidelines that must be followed so that the girls can prepare healthy food to serve. You can host an event for:

  • a younger troop
  • your service unit
  • as a thank you for sponsors or mentors


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