Egg Hunt Patch

MakingFriend Patch ProgramĀ®Girl Scout Egg Hunt Fun Patch2″ iron-on embroidered patch.

Suggestions for holding an egg hunt while maintaining social distancing

Involve families in the preparation:

Families can make colorful eggs use paper and markers, crayons or paint to hang on their front door or windows.

  • Choose a day and time for your egg hunt.
  • Tell families what streets to drive or walk down to find the eggs.
  • Kids can take pictures or keep track of how many they find.
  • Turn your egg hunt into a scavenger hunt. Find x number of green eggs, etc. There could be one or more golden eggs hidden for the kids to find.
  • Your imagination is the only limit you have in holding this kind of egg hunt.


Two ways for troop leaders to prepare an egg hunt for their troop:

For both of the ideas below, one or more troop leaders can scatter eggs on their own lawn that can be seen from the street.

1. You can send each family a checklist in advance of how many of each color egg to find. Or just ask them to take pictures or tell you where they found them when driving or walking past the leader’s home.

2. Have an I Spy Egg Hunt Edition: Send each family a picture of your front lawn for them to print. Each scout can circle all the eggs they can see in the picture. Scouts can then take a picture of their finished ‘egg hunt’ to send back to troop leaders.


A Reverse Egg Hunt:

egg hunt patch


This fun reverse egg hunt idea is from Free printables and plastic eggs are all you need to bring the egg hunt to your scouts.

Using gloves while preparing the eggs adds an extra layer of precaution in this social distancing friendly activity.