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  • Girl Scout Dancer Badge Download for Brownies

    Dancer Badge Download for Brownies

    Part of our  “Real Woman” Series!


    Dancing makes us feel good. It’s a lot of fun and it’s one of the best forms of exercise you can do. You’re moving your whole body and using muscles you don’t use everyday.


    Brownie Girl Scout Dancer WorkshopSpotlight is on Catherine Ballone.
    Ballet educator and choreographer

    Miss Catherine travels across the United States giving ballet classes and workshop. Miss Catherine has also appeared in magazines, music videos and tv/film around the world.


    Go to catherineborrone.com to find out more about Catherine’s classes.
    10% of the proceeds will go to www.souldancers.org

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  • Girl Scout Brownie First Aid Badge Download

    First Aid Download for Brownies

    Part of our  “Real Woman” Series!

    Girl Scout Real Woman Romy ByrdMost injuries are very minor. But getting hurt is scary – especially if you see some blood or get a bruise. Some injuries you can’t see, but they hurt.

    Spotlight is on Romy Byrd, RN.
    School Nurse


    Romy Byrd is a school nurse at Trapper Creek Elementary in Alaska. She is trained to treat all types of injuries and also knows what to do if you’re feeling sick.


    To find out more about Ms. Byrd and her job as a school nurse watch her video: youtu.be/UBpu72E0o8w


    10% of the proceeds for this download go to Prevent Child Abuse America: https://preventchildabuse.org/


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  • Girl Scout Real Women Hiking Download

    Hiking Badge Download for Brownies

    Part of our  “Real Woman” Series!

    The US Army Corps of Engineers is a team of people responsible for protecting our parks and water and those who use them.


    Girl Scout Hiking WorkshopSpotlight is on Ranger Sylvia Chelf, Supervisory Park Ranger 


    As a Park Ranger for Alum Creek Lake in Ohio, she oversees the maintenance of the hiking trails, the water quality, the safety of the visitors and much more.


    Go to facebook.com/alumcreeklacke to find out more about being a park ranger. 10% of the proceeds for this download go to the SACCA

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  • Girl Scout Brownie My Best Self Badge

    My Best Self Badge Download for Brownies

    Part of our  “Real Woman” Series!


    Spotlight is on Heather Mincieli


    Getting exercise and eating right keeps us healthy and feeling good – not only our bodies but our brain and mind also.
    Heather Mincieli knows that when kids feel good they do better in school and get along better with friends and family. That’s why she started Trinity Yoga.


    Go to TrinityYoga.life to find out more!
    10% of the proceeds for this download go to CECPTA, Carrollton Early Childhood PTA.


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  • Girl Scout Painting Badge Download for Brownies

    Painting Badge Download for Brownies

    Part of our  “Real Woman” Series!

    Painting is fun! And it can also make you feel better. Painting can help you feel less anxious and give you a chance to explore your feelings.

    Spotlight is on Lauren Gravagna.
    Art Therapist

    Lauren is an Art Therapist. She works with people who have an illness or people who are recovering from an injury. It has been proven that art therapy can help speed up recovery.

    10% of the proceeds from this download go to Stony Brook Children’s Hospital.

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  • Girl Scout Virtual Pets Badge Download

    Pets Badge Download for Brownies

    Part of our  “Real Woman” Series!


    Animals can’t speak for themselves, so it’s important to know how to properly take care Of them. When people aren’t taking care of their pets, the ASPCA gets called in to find them new homes. They organize the people, the supplies and the shelter to make it as comfortable as possible for the animals while they are waiting for new homes.


    MIchele Lago, ASPCASpotlight is on Michele Lago
    Operations Manager of Animal Relocation for the ASPCA


    Michele also fosters kittens until they are ready for their fur-ever home.
    10% of the proceeds for this workshop will be donated to help fund Michele’s kitten fostering.
    See Michele’s wish list on Amazon.


    Virtual Workshops are also available for this download!


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  • Girl Scout Real Women Space Science Adventure Worksheets

    Space Science Adventurer Badge Download for Brownies

    Girl Scout Real Women Space Science Adventurer

    Spotlight is on Madeline Coote, Founder of Girls Rock-et


    When you look up at the night sky, do you really know what you’re seeing? Let’s discover it with Madeleine Coote. Madeleine knows that young girls are just as interested in space as boys, but they aren’t provided the same opportunities. That’s why Madeleine started an organization called Girls Rock-et as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award project. She created it to introduce girls to the exciting and fun science of space.


    Go to girlsrock-et.com to find out more.
    10% of the proceeds for this download go to Girls Rock-et


    Part of our  “Real Woman” Series!



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  • Girl Scout Superhero

    10 Beginner Superhero Downloads

    Perfect for mixed Daisy and Brownie Troops! Each fulfills a petal and badge.

    product-check-markMost can be done in one meeting plus a philanthropic event

    product-check-markPerfect for mixed level kindergarten through 3rd grade troops

    product-check-markMost are suitable for independent girls

    Download link will be in your order confirmation email.


    The Superhero program was developed by MakingFriends®.com. Our girl-led downloads and products are a fun way to earn petals, badges and journeys while saving time for leaders.


    Girl Dance Badge Download

    Sample Page

    Ten five-page comic downloads to complete these badges and petals:

    1. Making Games/ Honest & Fair
    2. My Great Day / Friendly & Helpful
    3. Philanthropist / Considerate & Caring
    4. Be Prepared / Courageous & Strong
    5. Family Story / Responsible for What I Say & Do
    6. My Best Self / Respect Myself and Others
    7. Safety Award / Respect Authority
    8. Inventor / Make the World a Better Place
    9. Household Elf / Use Resources Wisely
    10. Dance / Be a Sister to Every Girl


    *MakingFriends®.com is not affiliated with, endorsed by or a licensee of Girl Scouts of the USA.’


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