Inspirational HEARTS

inspirational patternThe fabric heart is worn against the mother’s skin so that the fabric might absorb the scent of the mother. The heart is placed with the baby in crib so the mother is always with her child. Project from Preemies of the Carolina’s.

You need:


All Fabrics and projects must be completed in a non-smoking environment.
All fabric must be washed in a unscented/no dye laundry detergent.

If you are donating the hearts to Preemies of the Carolina’s, you DO NOT need to print the poem and include with each heart. Finished hearts may be sent to: Preemies of the Carolina’s 2764 Pleasant Road #10803 Fort Mill, SC 29708

1. Wash and dry all fabric before cutting out the hearts. Special detergent is not necessary but do not use one with added scent. Do not use fabric softener.

2. Print out the pattern for the ½ heart. Make sure to print it at 100%. Do not scale. Cut out the ½ heart. Make a full heart template by placing the ½ heart on folded paper and cutting out your template.

3. If sewing hearts with a SERGER:
a. Place two pieces of coordinated fabric with wrong sides together
b. Pin the heart template to the fabric and cut out the heart.
c. Serge around the heart. If using the cutter knife to trim as you sew, make sure to only remove a sliver of the fabric so as to not remove too much of the width.
d. If using the cutter knife, make sure to retract the knife when you reach the dip in the center top of the heart.
e. Weave the ends in securely when serging is finished.

3. If sewing hearts with a SEWING MACHINE:
a. Lay two pieces of coordinating fabric with right sides together.
b. Pin the heart template securely to the fabric, cut out the heart.
c. Sew a narrow (1/4in) seam. d. When you reach the point of the heart or the dip in the top of the heart, leave the needle down, lift the presser foot and turn. Continue sewing.
e. Leave an opening large opening large enough to turn the heart right side out.
f. Clip the point at the bottom of the heart and the dip in the middle of the top so the points turn nicely. Make sure to not clip the stitching.
g. Turn the heart right side.
h. Iron the heart while pulling the seam out.
i. Slip stitch the opening of the heart closed.