Scout Dues Pouch Necklace

gs_duesYour girls will be delighted to bring their dues each week in this cute necklace.

You need:



dues_IllCut two rectangles of foam to the size you want your pouch to be. Punch holes along edges. Begin lacing at the top right from the inside as shown in the illustration at the right. Leave about 16″ of cord at the end to make the necklace. Lace front and back together down side (A), across the Bottom (B), and up side (C). Lace across the front only (D) then across the back (E). Use excess on ends to form the necklace by tying ends together after stringing four pony beads on each cord. Dab knot with glue. Let dry. Trim. Use trefoil pattern to cut a small trefoil out of craft foam. Decorate the front with trefoil and gemstone.

Glue a small piece of Velcro or a snap on the inside top of the pouch, especially if your girls like to do cartwheels during the meetings.