Girl Scout Table Top Bridge

gs_bridgeThese little bridges make great table decorations. Thanks go Sharon Mehl of KidsDomain for inspiring this project.

You need:


Glue 11 craft sticks one on top of the other. Glue 6 craft sticks one on top of the other. Glue another 6 craft sticks one on top of the other. Glue the two stacks of six side-by-side. Glue the stack of eleven along side the double stack of six. This will form the step. Repeat to form the other step.

Lay 15 craft sticks side-by-side. Glue another 4 sticks on top of the 15 sticks laying them in the opposite direction to secure them in place. Turn upside down so you don’t see the supporting sticks.

Glue a step to each side of the bridge, lining them up with the last stick on each end.

Lay a jumbo craft stick on your work surface. Use a glue gun to attach the four mini craft sticks on their ends to the flat jumbo craft stick, evenly spacing the mini sticks. This will make a railing. Repeat to make the other railing.

Turn the railings over and add a dab of glue on each mini stick to secure the bottoms of the railings to the bridge.

Decorate with silk flowers and foamies as shown in photo above.