Responsible for What I Say and Do: Scout Superhero Twilight




Meet Twilight

Twilight is Responsible for What She Say and Does and has the super power to always act responsibly.

She is ready to help Brownies earn their My Family Story badge and Daisies earn the orange “Responsible for What I Say and Do” petal. Twilight will help Juniors earn the Scribe badge. She also learned about Haiti to help your girls prepare for their World Thinking Day or International event.

Twilight lives with her mom and dad. She has three older sisters. She loves to read and write and likes school. Twilight’s favorite subject is ELA and she always does her homework.

Writing stories is her favorite hobby. She is also a good storyteller. Before she spins a story, Twilight twirls around in her special orange skirt. It attracts everyone in to listen.

Twilight wants to be a blogger and someday have her stories published. She wants a pet fish so she is saving her money to buy a fish tank. Twilight loves the color orange.