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20140405_113943ACTION!!!! We earning the aMuse Journey with just two girls using the Action Badge In A Bag® kit from Makingfriends.  This was the best Journey in a Bag project so far!  We did this on a Saturday all day.  We even completed our TAP.  They planned, rehearsed and put on a skit about bullying in front of friends and family members. Read about their skit below.

Hearing from my girls…….this is fun, I love this, this is easy, this is challenging but fun…coming from 2 Girl Scouts that are not wanting to join again next year says it all!  We have already ordered our 3rd and last Journey… once uninterested Girl Scouts are going to earn their Summit Award.   Thank you for helping them with that!

20140405_151952 20140405_155723

20140405_120027 20140405_111731I would recommend these Journeys in a bag to ALL Girl Scout Leaders that want to complete a Journey or two or ALL THREE! You could not make this any more fun for these girls!!!  We like the way it is all detailed out for us in the instructions that come with the Journey you can add to it or not…it’s all up to you and your Girl Scouts. Everything you need is there in the Journey in a bag for you and usually all you ever need is your book, scissors and glue or glue guns and your imagination!  I can not recommended this enough and it was definitely worth the price. We have 2 girls and we have very limited funds but we bought all 3.  it is WELL WORTH THE MONEY!!!

TAKE ACTION PROJECT for the aMuse Journey

Since we only have 2 girls in our Troop myself, my husband, my oldest daughter and her friend also participated in the “skit” on Bullying that the girls performed for their TAP.

  • Nicole(11): The Bully/Soccer player
  • Sophia(11): The Bullied/Soccer Player
  • Tammy: The innocent by-stander
  • Rob: The coach
  • Kelsey: Teammate
  • Kara: Teammate

20140405_13284920140405_132834This ‘skit’ started out with the girls (Nicole and Sophia) kicking around a soccer ball.  Nicole “the bully” was taunting Sophia “the bullied” about her lack of soccer skills, making Sophia feel really bad.  Sophia was not bullying back, but instead she was trying to prove that she had skills.

Nicole was taunting and bullying even more.  Kelsey and Kara noticed and tried to help Sophia with words of encouragement.  It was not working, the bully was relentless and nasty, (as most bullies are.)  The coach was almost encouraging it, telling Sophia to “step up her game,” be more like Nicole, watch her, she can do it.  The “innocent by-stander (myself) was yelling encouraging words like “Sophia you can do it”, “kick it down the field”, “come on your awesome..DO IT!!!” Sophia wound up scoring a goal.  Kara and Kelsey ran to her and gave her big hugs, then said to Nicole how mean and nasty she was and told her that Sophia scored a goal for THEIR team how she should be proud of her, and that she should apologize to her. Nicole did and then Sophia accepted.  They became friends and worked together as teammates at each game. The bullied and bully switched roles and completed the skit once more. Both times were about a half hour long for about an hour long total.

***While this is a really quick description of this skit, and it does not always end on a happy note like this one did…we discussed what they learned after the skit.

  1. They learned that it does not feel good to be bullied, and to bully.
  2. They have both been bullied in one form or another and this really made them more aware of how they possibly could handle it better.
  3. They have both been nasty to someone before and this made them think how the other person felt.
  4. They have learned to be a better friend, classmate, teammate.
  5. They have expressed that it is hard to ignore the other person when they are being bullied and how it really hurts their feelings when someone says things about them.
  6. They learned that they can not control all situations themselves, and that it is ok to tell an adult or to tell someone older what is going on.
  7. They wanted me to know that this was helpful to them and they really understood this TAP.


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