JEDI* Training Scout Event

Troop 15036, at the time of this event, had 15 Daisy’s and 2 Brownies. Approximately 23 scouts attended our JEDI* Training Scout Event which included our girls and another new troop that we had invited. When we decided we wanted to do something this big for our troop … we went all out! We made a list of what foods we were looking for specifically and used sign up genius. As you can see the families REALLY stepped up and helped make this happen! I have to admit that we have some awesome support from them. We had an adult at each station and went into our event with confidence because we did have planning meetings and lots of conversations. I am very proud of what we pulled off. The planning was key though, as well as people on that committee who were die hard STAR WARS* fans!

Below is the final outline for our JEDI* Training Scout Event. Needless to say, it was a hit!

Setup:  Kids will be broken out into teams of four and will move through each station – 20 minutes each.



JEDI* Training Scout EventStation 1 – JEDI* are the Guardians of Peace

  • Project: Peace Rocks
  • Instructions: Children will paint peace rocks to be hidden under “Frederick Rocks.”  The rocks should portray peace in some way on the front side. They will have our troop number and “Frederick Rocks” on the back side.
  • Supplies: Rocks, Paint, Acrylic Spray


Station 2 – JEDI* promise to Defend and Protect

  • Project: Pool Noodle LIGHTSABERS*
  • Instructions: Children will add duct tape to the end of a pool noodle to create a “LIGHTSABER.”
  • Supplies: Pool Noodles cut in half, Duct Tape, Black Marker


Station 3 – JEDI* promise to Respect All Life

  • Project: Galaxy Slime and the YODA* Ears or PRINCESS LEIA* Buns
  • Instructions: Pre-make the slime and the kids will just be combing the colors and bagging it. Order thin black head bands for the ears and buns.
  • Supplies: Baggies and different color slime.


JEDI* Training Scout EventStation 4 – JEDI* promise to Serve Others

  • Project: Sweet Cases
  • Instructions: Children will decorate the duffel bags to be given to children in foster care.  There are only 10 bags and 23 children, so kids will have to share.
  • Supplies: Duffel Bags, Fabric Crayons


Station 5 – JEDI* must always improve through Knowledge & Training

  • Project: Physical skills activities – bowling down the dark forces.
  • Instructions: Children complete each skill/game.
  • Supplies: Bowling Set with DARTH VADER* and STORMTROOPER* heads

JEDI* Training Scout Event  JEDI* Training Scout Event

JEDI* Training Scout Event



Award Ceremony – After the completion of all activities, the kids are awarded with a certificate and a will take a photo.

  • Supplies: Certificates, Backdrop for photos, Camera






JEDI* Training Scout Event



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Submitted by Kelly Rohrer: I am entering my second year of leading our Troop. I do attend every SU meeting… kinda’ have to now that I am the SU Secretary. I stepped up to Leader last year because our former troop was disbanding Daisy’s and that’s what my daughter was and she LOVES scouts. Now there’s no turning back for me because, turns out I love it to!

Troop 15036 is from Western Maryland SU 15-1 and has grown to 3 levels and 31 girls!!! We must be doing something right. This year we have 12 Daisy’s, 15 Brownies and 4 Juniors.


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