Celebrating Girl Scouts Birthday

Vests displayed at Girl Scout Birthday event

We celebrated the Girl Scouts 106th birthday by having a great party!  Many troops from our service unit pitched in to make the event a success. We had 93 girls sign up to attend.

To start off we had a surprise sing along led by an Ambassador Girl Scout who volunteered her time to do something special for the girls.  Since many in attendance were first year Daisies, it was great to see an older scout engage the younger ones. And of course they had fun learning traditional Girl Scout camp songs.  After our singalong the girls were invited to go at their own pace to several stations. 


Celebrating Girl Scouts Birthday

GS Law SWAP kit

Four troops ran games, from duck duck goose, pick up a matching duck from a baby pool, a bean bag toss, and a pin the cupcake game.  There was a selfie photo booth complete with props.  We also had a SWAP station using the GS Law SWAP kit from MakingFriends®.com, which was a hit!  Since there were so many troops rotating through the stations we filled a snack size bag with the string pre-threaded to the safety pin, along with all the colored beads, and pre-punched SWAP cards that listed the Girl Scout Law.  Baggies were packaged into troop bags and troop leaders had the option to “make or take” the kits to do at a troop meeting or at the event.


GS troop time capsule

We also had a station where we borrowed lots of old uniforms from council and had a big display of those.  My troop also displayed their vests from Daisy to Seniors, along with their scrapbook from Daisies, a troop memory book made up detailing our Bronze Award, a time capsule the girls made in 4th grade (they are in 10th now) and lots of SWAPs from Rock the Mall, and other troop adventures.




Celebrating Girl Scouts Birthday

Community Service: Birthday in a Box

Celebrating Girl Scouts Birthday

Birthday in a Box patch

Our big service project during the event was making 20 birthday bags to give to kids in need.  Each had a new stuffed bear, cake mix, frosting, candles, plates, napkins, cups, blowers, crayons, a coloring poster, bubbles.  Also we had a station where girls colored and wrote out birthday cards which were put inside the bags.




Our snack was taken from the GORP tradition. Peanuts were not used, but we did the Recipe for a Girl Scout Troop mix found on the web.  A long table was set up and each girl went through and filled her bag with snack items like:

  • Popcorn: When we are busy planning a project we pop around until we are done.
  • Raisins: Young Girl Scouts may be hard to resist because they are fresh and new, but the older scout may be more fun because she has more experience than you!
  • Animal Crackers: Girl Scouts respect all living things. The earth is our home we want to keep it safe for everyone.

We printed out sheets that had the sayings and placed them in front of the containers where kids could read the sayings while filling their bags.  Google Recipe For a Girl Scout Troop and you will find the sayings to match the snack item.  This was a great hit!And what’s a party without cupcakes!  

Celebrating Girl Scouts Birthday

GS Birthday patch



A great event deserves a great fun patch. Get your Girl Scout Birthday Patch at MakingFriends®.com



Vesna Dan is a leader with Lenape Valley Girl Scouts which is part of Girl Scouts of Northern NJ.  She leads the 10th grade Girl Scout Seniors in troop 418

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