Braided Friendship Bracelet

braided_friendship_braceletHere is another bracelet you can make for your friends. What do you admire most about your friend? Is he/she generous? … loyal ….kind? Make this special gift to let them know how you feel by choosing your colors from the list below.

Strong Black
Energetic Orange
Loyal Blue
Kind Pink
Responsible Green
Honest Red
Cheerful Yellow


You need:

  • 18″ of Cord in Three Colors
  • Masking Tape
  • Scissors


Hold three pieces of cord together and make a knot about 6″ from the end. Tape securely on your table at the knot.

Braid together the three pieces until it is long enough to go around you friend’s wrist, usually about 7″ to 8″. Wrap a piece of tape securely around the braid end to hold temporarily. Remove from table and loosen original knot a little bit. Slide the other end through the loose knot. Tighten.

Remove tape. This end will slide back and forth through the knot to loosen and tighten the bracelet to put on and take off.