Go Fish Friends

fishUse our free printables to create Go Fish cards or make a set using photos of your own friends or family.

You need:

  • Four Sets of Go Fish Friends Fronts and Backs Printed on Index


Print downloads (one on front and one on back of the same piece of index stock.) Trim to size.  You can also use photos.

Game Setup:

Deal four cards to each player. Spread out remaining cards face down in the center of the table. Players remove pairs from their hand and place them face up, on the table, in front of them.

Playing the Game:

First player chooses another player and asks for a specific card to match one of the cards in his hand. “Got any firemen friends?” If chosen player has the card, he/she must hand it over. First player
places the pair on the table and begins again by selecting a player and asking for a specific card. He continues until someone tell him to “Go Fish!” First player then selects a card from the center pile. If it matches one the cards in his hand, he places the pair on the table. If it matches the card he asked for, he goes again. Player One continues until he does not get the requested card. The player to his left then takes his turn. Play continues around the table until one player wins by pairing up all the cards in his hand.