Princess Clothespin Doll

clothespin_doll_englandWrap up a slotted clothespin to make a miniature princess doll.

You need:


Use a tiny bit of glue to attach the end of pink metallic cord to the bottom back “leg” of the doll. Wrap cord snugly around both legs and up to where the “armpits” would be. Use a dab of glue to secure the cord to the back of the doll but do not cut it.

Cut the heads off two kitchen matches with a craft knife. Use a glue gun to attach one to each side of the clothespin for arms. Continue wrapping the cord over the top of the match sticks for shoulders. Trim cord and secure with a tiny bit of glue to the back of the doll.

Wrap floss or yarn around two fingers to make hair. Tie with a small piece of floss or yarn and cut loops. Glue to doll head. Draw on details for face.

Glue a small piece gold cord across the top of the head for a tiara. Glue on two pink gems as shown in photo above.