Prism Chevron Bracelet

Chevron Style braceletFrom our Friends at DMC, this floss bracelet can be made with your favorite Prism® threads.

Before you begin: 

Learn how to make a Single Left, Single Right (backward, forward) hand knot and a Single Right, Single Left (forward, backward) hand knot.  (see chart below)Prism Knots

Hint: Each stand will have two knots. You will be doing a right hand (forward) knot and a left hand (backward) knot on the same strand and the same for a left hand (backward) knot and a right hand (forward knot.

You need:

  • 5 Strands of Embroidery Floss 25″ Long (we used 2 strands of green, 2 white and 1 brown)
  • Masking Tape


ie Knot about 1/2″ from the top. Tape knotted end to a table or the back of a chair. Separate the strands by color, as shown. This pattern is best done by each row, beginning with row 1. Once you are done move on to row 2. Repeat this process till the pattern is finished of till you have reached the desired length for your bracelet. Happy Knotting!

Prism Cheveon Instructions