Angel Worry Doll for Guatemala

worry_doll_angelGuatemalan children tell their worries to dolls and place them under their pillows. According to legend, the dolls take their worries away.

You need:


Cut the heads off two kitchen matches with a craft knife. Use a glue gun to attach one to each side of the clothespin for arms. Use a tiny bit of glue to attach the end of white floss to the back “neck” of the doll. Wrap floss snugly around the neck and down over the top of the match sticks for shoulders. Continue wrapping under the matchsticks and down to the “ankles”. Trim floss and secure with a tiny bit of glue to the back of the doll. Wrap both arms in white floss from the shoulders to the “wrists” in the same manner.

Wrap gold cord around waist. Secure with a dab of glue at the back of the doll. Paint a set of woodsie wings gold. Let dry and glue to the back of the angel.

Choose a hair color. Cut a 12″ piece of floss and dip it completely into tacky glue wiping off the excess by running it through your fingers. Arrange the floss in small circles on the head of the doll to look like curly hair. A toothpick will make positioning the hair easier.  Use a marker to dab on eyes.

If you are using baby flat slotted clothespins, you can add a jewelry pin for swapping.